Bitter Truths


Words arent enough
Moments are less

I dont know
How to pen down
What i have not known
For long

Describing the unknown
Has been the immense quality of mine
So give it me.. Whats thine

Beautiful i assume
Suspicious sometimes
Curious his heart is
But no more words left to rhyme.

Come to me to the old country
And ill show you love of sundry
Dont fear
Im just a man
With another broken tail

Heal me.. And Ill fix you
If any damage is left .. With loves sweet hue.

What you hiding..
Is what im seeking
So tell me the untold
Lifes reverie.. Lets unfold


Take care!!
You old being
You will be missed
When i will again have your beam
The first last time
Ill close my eyes
And your dreams..
Blocked till now
Are asked
‘Come touch my soul again.”

For the very last time
I want to remember
The touch
That devious drive
That one pain..
Of the pain reliever
Lasted.. Forever!!
Some way
A promise kept

Forever doesnt end..
It stays
But just not the way
You cried out for it.

Moonlit dream

Take me to the old town
Tell me
About the fairy
In the white gown
Moonlit dreams
Set ablaze
For they never arised
With the rise

Just a song of the night
Sing it out loud
For they wont again be tuned so perfectly

And as she walks through those empty paths,

And as she walks through those empty paths,
She regains all the treasure
She once thought she has lost.

                  Shahaan khan


The light i see

Coming from the

Obscure valley..


They call it ..

It was dim

Like hopes of people living there

Yet inspiring an illuminating affect

With just one glance of it.


An abode of the saints …


In this day and age.


The soil demands..

From what it created.


Of mankind

By the same mortality …

Uncage us!!

Uncage us!!

Last Song Of Wilderness

Words crumbled ..

The sadist finally relinquished..

Broken! On the floor..

The two had to depart

Curse of love starts…

Awaken me!!

Before im all dead.

For love has grown apart..

.. Half way to the land of dead

A catastrophic drive to nirvana.

Speak to me!!

I long for that euphonious voice


You will be broken ….

Breathe new life into

Chasing a false dream

An unheeded destruction.


The boats together sailed

Mile by mile..

Drifted apart.

Oh Mother!!

How would you explain?

The love that cause pain.

Oh mother!!

Your grief..


Your smile..

Just an illusion.

Your tears..

Falling behind the closed door.

Dont fall apart.

Those creases too reflect an art

You be the prettiest.. Still!!

Dont abandon hope

That empty feeling

In your heart

Im gonna fill.

Im not far from you

Dont think

Im leaving you in blue.

I feel your pain

The way you say Its always going to rain.

Oh mother!!

Dont lose your charm…

Ill walk you through this soreness

Arm in arm.

Beyond The Horizon

Take me back to that horizon line

Where everything appeared to be fine

Where everyone had their own vine

That lost place

Im looking for

Where sun always shined

Nothing dark ever existed

That wine everyone tasted

Comfort me,

Tell me stories of how is it now

Does the sky still refuse to bow?

Remind me,

All the memories

Fading a little each day

One time love

I wished to stay..

Find me,

Somewhere beyond that skyline

Im still here

Waiting for the

Sun to shine.

Gloomy love

Let me go

I have a life..

That i dont wanna live so.

Enigma of Love

Eyes meet

Heads turn away

“Some untold wishes

Some unknown desires

Yet boundless feelings”

… Enigma of love

He tried to unravel

Paradox of feelings ..

Inside the hazel dove. ..

Caught up in her smile

While devotion in his eyes

Outstaring each other

For their entire life..

That was then

And now is when..

Words arent compatible

Hatred dwells within love

Flaws that were concealed..

Now left on the road

For everyone to read.

Eyes meet..

Heads turn away

What led this love go astray?

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